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South African Festival / Gig Guide – November 2021

November 2021 is here and this month is jam-packed with some lekker live music events all around South Africa. This is your guide to them, so make sure that you mark these down on your calendar.

Take note that the majority of these gigs / festivals are happening in and around Gauteng. Also take note we’re not out of the woods completely yet (thanks to COVID-19), so tickets for these events may be limited.

Here’s a list of Gigs / Festivals happening in November 2021:

6 November

  • PH Fat – Sowaar Bar, Pretoria

  • The Black Cat Bones – JARR Bar, Pretoria

  • Bar Acoustics featuring Barto Swiegers, Inus & Anru and Van Reg en Rede Fokof Bar– , Pretoria

  • Berlin Jazz Fest – Sognage, Johannesburg

  • Indika Black and Dope Folks – Aandklas, Stellenbosch

  • Red Sheep – The Daisy Jones Bar at OMG, Stellenbosch

7 November

  • Park Electric featuring PH Fat, Chunda Munki , Synth Peter, Cinimin and friends – Fort Scanskop, Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria

  • The Beatles Tribute – JARR Bar, Pretoria

  • Matthys Roets – The Daisy Jones Bar at OMG, Stellenbosch

10 November

  • Clarize – JARR Bar, Pretoria

  • Rocking Wednesdays featuring Mia-Kama, Phoenix Turbine and Drumfish – Sognage, Johannesburg

12 November

  • Kabaal Klankbaan EP Launch – Sowaar Bar, Pretoria

  • Broke N’ Free – JARR Bar, Pretoria

  • Die Melktert Kommissie – Railways Cafe, Centurion

  • That 70’s Show featuring The Klubs, Painted Flowers and The Tazers – Sognage, Johannesburg

  • Desmond & The Tutus – Aandklas, Stellenbosch

13 November

  • Saarkie, Them Dirty Shrikes and Lokaly – Sowaar Bar, Pretoria

  • Joy Club Cassidy Cassidy and Zebra – JARR Bar, Pretoria

  • Jesse Clegg – Railways Cafe, Centurion

  • Straatligkinders and Van Pletzen – Sognage, Johannesburg

  • Half Price, The Cinematic Rejects and Die Bergies – Aandklas, Stellenbosch

  • Jack Stone presents The Bruce Springsteen Tribute Show – The Daisy Jones Bar at OMG, Stellenbosch

  • Bar Acoustics featuring Brogan Ballack, Jodie Reid and Aya Nixon – Fokof Bar, Pretoria

14 November

  • “Twain” (Shotgun Tori and Emma Du Preez) – JARR Bar, Pretoria

  • Watershed – Railways Cafe, Centurion

  • Albert Frost Trio – The Diasy Jones Bar at OMG, Stellenbosch

17 November

  • Valiant Swart – JARR Bar, Pretoria

19 November

  • Whiskey Dust – JARR Bar, Pretoria

20 November

  • Bittereinder – Sowaar Bar, Pretoria

  • Something October – JARR Bar, Pretoria

  • Alt Fest – Rumours Lounge Strydom Park, Johannesburg

  • Image & Nation, Almost Alive, Lost/Youth and Aflos – Aandklas, Stellenbosch

  • Dan Patlansky Trio – The Diasy Jones Bar at OMG, Stellenbosch

21 November

  • Martin & Kita – JARR Bar, Pretoria

24 November

  • Temple Town and The Plastic Shamans – JARR Bar, Pretoria

25 November

  • Albert Frost and Maxx Love – Railways Cafe, Centurion

26 November

  • GoodLuck – Sowaar, Pretoria

  • Linkin Park Tribute – JARR Bar, Pretoria

  • Biggy and Loufi – Railways Cafe, Centurion

  • Urban Village, Thandeka Mfinyongo & Just Themba – Sognage, Johannesburg

  • Early B – The Daisy Jones Bar at OMG – Stellenbosch

  • Even Cowgirls Get The Blues Part IX – Tweefontein Melkery, Kempton Park

27 November

  • Burn The Mountain – JARR Bar, Pretoria

  • Bam Bam Brown and Nic Preen – Aandklas, Stellenbosch

  • Even Cowgirls Get The Blues Part IX – Tweefontein Melkery, Kempton Park

28 November

  • Park Acoustics featuring Jeremy Loops, Maxx & Love, Kiash, Martin Gill, Lucinda (Die Melktert and Nic Preen – Fort Scanskop, Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria

  • Andra – JARR Bar, Pretoria

  • Keanu Harker Album Launch – The Daisy Jones Bar at OMG, Stellenbosch

Well, there you have it, events that are happening in November 2021. If there’s a live show that I missed, please feel free to email me via

Watch this space for updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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