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You may remember Keanu Harker from his time as a contestant on M-Net’s hit series ‘The Voice South Africa’ – and now, the singer is ready to leave his mark on the local music industry as he officially drops his debut single ‘I Feel It’.

Unapologetic in his approach, Keanu bares his soul on the track. “I Feel It is a very close and personal song to me, and I wrote it during a very crazy time in my life. There were times where I felt that I should just be a cover artist, performing and singing other artist’s songs because my music was not good enough or I felt I wasn’t ready yet to step out and release the music that I had created,” the singer says.

He adds “But, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how right it felt to be doing this. The first line in the song says ‘Man I can’t lie, I can think about nothing else’, and that’s literally what pushed and Inspired me to write this song. I had to convince myself that I am good enough and I am ready, and that my music will be relatable to those listening.”

The track is the first of many lined up for release over the next few months “These songs are very special to me. The writing and recording process has been everything I dreamed of,” Keanu adds. “It’s been a long time coming that I have been hesitant about stepping out as a recording artist and this is the perfect song. It is a reminder to me that this feels right. I know it, I believe it, “I FEEL IT”. “

Listen to ‘I Feel It’ below and read more music news here.

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